Our Web Design Process

All websites begin with a wireframe. Our experts design detailed layouts for high-performance websites.

  • Planning your website with the user experience and brand strategy in mind.
  • Development & Design of your businesses custom website.
  • Launch your website, targeting the Denver CO area.
  • Become one of the visible companies in Denver to potential new customers.
  • Boost your Denver CO digital growth with SEO services
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Denver Website Design

Our Denver Web Design Process

Today's marketing strategies rely heavily on e-commerce, meaning your website is facing stiff competition. That's why web design experts routinely suggest business owners explore a variety of methods to enhance the perceived value of their websites. We recognize the importance of your website as a tool to garner increased business, and we begin our relationship by getting to truly understand your business before we start developing ideas for your website. Understanding your company's philosophy is an important element, but relating that business "feel" to the needs of your clients as they find and use your website has to be a priority as well. Your future profits depend on establishing a collaborative effort to make your website accessible and easily navigated by every site visitor. To get there, we'll explore some specific questions. Our Denver web designers can help with making this process smooth and effective.

What is Your Current Situation?

If you currently have an active website, we'll carefully examine it to determine what is working and what isn't. That means taking a close look at all the data available to get a solid picture of who your site's visitors are, what their needs are, and how well the current content is meeting those needs. In addition, we'll review the site's design elements to determine if the content and structure meet the demands not only of your clients but the search engines as well. Online marketing strategies are evolving rapidly, and your website must be flexible enough to meet changes as they occur. 

How Does Your Organization Actually Function?

Every organization is structured somewhat differently. Not only does your organization's culture impact how your website should be designed, but the very nature of your business also affects how content should be organized and presented to site visitors. How a business is organized also influences a site's design, as efficiency is important in any organization.

What Should the Website Look Like?

Virtually everyone has some idea of how they want their website to look. While those ideas help to develop a design framework, other factors must also be considered. Careful planning before the design phase starts ensures your site's visitors will like the look but will also enjoy easily navigating the site. At this point, you'll be able to see the "blueprint" of the site and work with our team to make sure it accomplishes everything you need it to do.

What's Involved in Putting the Plan Into Action?

At this point, the team starts the actual construction of your site. Here, it's important that everyone is on the same page, so we'll communicate regularly to ensure all the bases are covered. The content management system, or CMS, is put in place and tested throughout the design process to make sure all aspects of the design work properly. Today, an ever-increasing percentage of your site's visitors will be using mobile devices, so we'll make sure every visitor can easily see the content and navigate the site.

Will the Final Product Actually Work?

Even though we test the design elements as they are developed, it's vitally important the final product functions flawlessly. One thing that's sure to drive consumers to a competitor's site is a slow-loading site. We make sure the coding allows your site to load quickly, keeping those valuable organic clicks from moving on to another site. Of course, the site itself must be easy to navigate. Sites that are not intuitive for users also suffer when potential customers become frustrated while trying to find specific information on a site. We make sure your site's design encourages site visitors to explore the content to find what they are looking for. 

Does the Site Effectively Integrate Content Marketing Strategies?

Every custom website must have quality content to appeal to consumers and the search engines. A content marketing strategy focuses on creating and distributing information that's actually useful to site visitors. Newer search engine algorithms require sites to include a variety of quality content and to routinely update that content to achieve high search engine rankings. That means we work with every client to ensure their site contains content visitors will value. Since not every site's target audience is the same, it's important to customize the content for each client to enhance their site's effectiveness. 

Is Search Engine Optimization Incorporated Into the Site's Design? 

Recently, some Denver web design firms have been discounting the importance of search engine optimization, or SEO. While SEO is changing, it's still an incredibly important component of your site's success and your businesses brand strategy. We work closely with every client to determine what SEO strategies will provide the best results for their online marketing. Organic returns are crucial for every website's success, but the tools used to garner the highest rankings will be somewhat determined by the nature of the site. It's also vital to recognize that SEO strategies are an on-going process in your digital growth, not a one-time event. 

Must the Site Be Monitored?

The short answer is a resounding yes. Carefully monitoring a website allows our team, as well as your staff members, to evaluate the status of a site and make ongoing revisions that improve your results of your user experience.

We firmly believe our commitment to every client's success is what sets us apart from our competition. Our team is always available to respond to your questions and make sure you're able to update your CMS as needed. Sitewired is here to make sure your site keeps up with the rapidly-evolving online environment and takes advantage of new marketing strategies and opportunities.