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Online Public Relations

Online PR Vs. Internet Marketing: The Similarities and Differences

Online Public Relations remain a mystery to many business owners. They assume this is the same as internet marketing, yet nothing is further from the truth. The problem lies within the PR (public relations) industry, as they have failed to communicate the importance of online PR and its value. Internet marketing, in contrast, continues to expand and receive all the attention, with many companies putting online press relations under this umbrella. So exactly what do companies need to know about Online PR VS. Internet Marketing?


With regards to internet marketing, the message focuses on driving sales or increasing revenue in one or more ways. On the other hand, online PR concentrates on providing information, as opposed to being promotional in nature. The message may cover numerous topics, ranging from news about the company to material concerning the core values of the organization.


Internet Marketing addresses those the company wishes to sell a product or service to, and this group of individuals is referred to as the target market. When it comes to blogs and other websites that rely on advertising for revenue, this would be potential readers who may make a purchase. A target audience, in contrast, is the focus on online PR, and this includes anyone who may have influence over the business. The target audience is larger than the target market, and the target market is included in the audience when it comes to public relations.

Tools And Tactics

Certain tools are used in both disciplines. What business owners must realize is they are used in different ways. The tools are used to look at specifics in internet marketing, for the most part, while public relations professionals use them when evaluating the big picture. Following are examples of these tools.

Internet Marketing

  • Paid advertising
  • E-books
  • Article marketing
  • Link exchanges
  • Podcasts

Public Relations

  • Press releases
  • Blogs
  • Email newsletters
  • Podcasts
  • White papers

Online PR and internet marketing must be included in any company's overall marketing strategy. A failure to include both elements will lead to a less than optimal return on investment. Although the two do have similarities, their differences are of great importance, and a company needs to remember this at all times. Make certain your company isn't neglecting either area for this reason, as a balance is needed between the two for the best results.