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Non-Profit Website Design

Tips on How to Design a Successful Non-Profit Website

In the internet age, the best opportunity that a non-profit organization has to make a good first impression attract positive attention often occurs online. By providing potential advocates with all the tools that they need to learn more about the cause and take action, non-profit websites can be deeply beneficial tools in furthering their cause. Here are a few tips on How to Design a Successful Non-Profit Website to consider when getting started.

Design with the visitor in mind!

The average visitor to the Non-Profit Website Denver organizations use to promote their causes may not yet be in the know. Even if some of the internet traffic being attracted to the site ends up there with the specific intent of finding out more about a cause, a decent amount of traffic will also be people just ending up there more or less by chance. These visitors are a valuable resource if they can be won over.

Adding a clear mission statement on the front page can certainly help, and clearly delineating different areas of the site where both newcomers to the cause and veteran ambassadors alike can find more information or interact with their community will increase the likelihood that they'll visit the site again. These new ambassadors of the cause will be more likely to drive more traffic to the official site if it is easy to use and provides a clear view of what the non-profit is trying to accomplish.

Get visitors involved!

The right cause expressed well will generate interest. Once visitors to the site have been won over, they need to be shown clearly what their next step is. Providing clear calls to action in blogs, newsletters, or social media posts will encourage people to take their passive interest to the next level and become actively involved. Adding community features such as forums and engaging actively with social media can certainly help.

If receiving monetary contributions is the main intent behind establishing the website, there should be an obvious and easy way to donate money. Consider inserting a floating link or button that is fixed to the same spot on every page. It can also help to offer potential donors more specific information about how their donations will be used, and how it will benefit the organization as a whole.

Keep it simple!

In addition to ensuring that the organization's mission statement is made abundantly clear, ensuring that the rest of the site is user friendly will also encourage users to engage. Attracting attention to a good cause is only one of the purposes of effective Denver Non-Profit Web Design. Once people are on the site and they are motivated to help make a change, it should be clear what steps they can take toward actually doing something about it.

Soliciting donations is certainly one way to do this, but giving site users the option to engage more actively can empower them and encourage them to remain involved with the organization beyond clicking "send money."

Provide additional resources!

With good Non-Profit Web Design Denver organizations can offer information to both those interested in donating or volunteering and the people who may be in need of their services. Making it easy for visitors in need of help to find both information and access to services is beneficial in several ways. It helps to streamline operations for those using the services, and also helps foster community involvement on the part of advocates.

Displaying success stories, whether on a blog or right on the front page, can help donors and volunteers to connect emotionally with the people they are helping. By displaying testimonials from clients and clear statistics showing how the resources on offer are being used, a non-profit website validates the involvement of its advocates in addition to making sure that clients know where to go.

In conclusion, Denver Non-Profit Website Design is about more than just putting the information out there and asking for help. Active engagement with the sites users, both on-site and on social media, and simplifying the processes of finding information and becoming involved, all help to create a consistent visitor base. These frequent visitors will drive more traffic to the site and form the basis of the supportive community that non-profits need to function. Ideally the interest and actions being taken online will even be carried over into the real world, helping the organization to recruit volunteers and drum up additional interest in its cause.