Health and Wellness Counseling

What is Emotional Health?

There is a strong connection between our mental and physical health. Thoughts, feelings, and behaviors are constantly affected by our emotional and physical states. This natural process is commonly referred to as the “mind-body connection”. Emotional health directly influences our general mood and outlook on life.

Emotionally healthy people see themselves as capable of succeeding. Their self-esteem is high, and they consistently have an optimistic and energetic attitude. Healthy habits and lifestyles create an emotionally healthy person. It is the reward for good self-care.

Stress and Emotional Health

Stressful events affect emotional and physical health. Difficult transitions and challenges can lead to strong feelings of sadness or anxiety.

These challenges can include:

  • Relationship struggles
  • Job stress or being laid off
  • Death of a loved one or other loss
  • Suffering with an illness or injury
  • Moving to a new home
  • Getting divorced
  • Money problems

Quality self-care is critical during these or other difficult times. Risk of depression, anxiety, or physical illness is especially high when under high levels of stress.  Even happy life transitions— getting married or caring for a newborn baby—can be stressful. Sleep, expressing feelings in a healthy way, good diet, and exercise all help improve emotional health.

Health and Wellness Coaching & Counseling

Establishing and/or maintaining healthy habits is a common challenge. Even with the best of intentions, becoming healthy and fit is often difficult. A cycle of stress without healthy habits creates an unhealthy mind, body, and spirit. Mood is affected when energy and motivation wane. Weight gain commonly follows and can create further negative feelings and lack of energy. The unhealthy cycle strengthens and often repeats itself as a result.

I am passionate about helping my clients create more joy and better emotional health. The “mind-body connection” affects all aspects of life— relationships, positive thinking, and a sense of well-being and accomplishment. Even under difficult circumstances, a healthy mind and body enable better coping skills and generate more optimistic viewpoints.

Counseling can help someone discover the root of what prevents healthy habits from being part of day-to-day life. Often the pain from previous or current life events is the cause. A pattern of negative “self-talk” leads to low self-esteem. A psychotherapist can help the healing process, and begin to offer hope and tools to change the unhealthy cycle of behavior. Healing while establishing new patterns and thought processes allows for long-term change and better emotional health.