Self-Esteem Counseling

Self-esteem and Psychotherapy Counseling

Over a period of time, effects from interactions, roles &/or "labels" within the environment, contribute to forming one's level of self-esteem. Relationships with family and peers are normally the most influential contributors to one's self esteem.

Beliefs about oneself are formed from past experiences. The "core beliefs" are often viewed as statements of fact, whether they are accurate or not. If life experiences and influential people from the past or present provided negative messages, “self talk” thoughts will likely to be negative as well. Healing from the effects of negative treatment, often by utilizing EMDR therapy, is very powerful. Clients begin to see themselves in a more positive light and they gain levels of confidence that they have never before experienced. 

Self-esteem could be viewed as a continuum that will tend to fluctuate with time and circumstance. Every person will experience these fluctuations, but a strong foundation and an accurate and positive view of oneself helps promote positive relationships and interactions with others.

Factors that Influence Self-esteem

Every individual has a unique current situation and set of past experiences. Many factors can influence a person's self-esteem including:

  • Messages from parents and other infliences in formative years
  • Experiences at work, school or home
  • Thoughts and perceptions of self
  • Perceived reactions from co-workers, family or others in public
  • Societal status
  • Culture and religion

Counseling and You

Your own thoughts are truly within your control. Continually focusing on flaws and mistakes prevents you from realizing your full potential. My counseling sessions help you reframe your negative thoughts in a positive light and focus on positive qualities and improvement.

Through counseling you can learn to:

  • Be more assertive in expressing opinions and needs
  • Feel more confident about decision-making
  • Develop secure relationships and prevent unhealthy interactions
  • Avoid being overcritical of yourself and make self-improvement more positive
  • Learn how to cope with stress and disappointment

Healthy self-esteem has a wide range of positive effects on nearly everything in your life. With my help, you will be able to find a sense of self-worth that improves your current situation and prevents mental health conditions and disorders from developing in the future.