Addiction Counseling

Addiction can be thought of as a condition of the body. The body requires a drug or substance to avoid psychological or physical withdrawal symptoms. Addiction starts with a stage known as dependence. Physiological dependence is a body adjustment to a substance. The substance becomes a part of a "normal" state of functioning for the body.

Addiction Counseling Denver

Over time, the body enters a stage of tolerance. The body begins to adapt to the constant use of a substance and lessens the effect. An individual will begin to consume larger doses of the drug to achieve similar effects at the beginning of use.

Psychotherapy and Addictions Counseling

Maintaining sobriety can often be an enormous struggle for many people, but a psychotherapist plays a huge supporting role in the recovery process. By enriching the recovery process, psychotherapy sessions help a person strengthen their support network and stay focused on their goal of recovery and prevention of a relapse.

Working on sobriety in individual counseling can be very beneficial. Clients are often active participation in a local twelve-step program or inpatient addiction treatment program, but they are not always for everyone.  Individualized treatmetn with the focus on addressing and healing from the causes or events the led to the addiction in the first place can help clients heal and recover so they can go on to lead more productive and fulfilling lives.  

Please contact me to discuss your current addiction recovery efforts and to find out how I can help and support you through the process.